BP Athletic Trials

BP Athletic Trial Events and Guidlines:
Trials begin March 18th and will go until March 29th! There will be specific times in each gym and in Energy Park designated for the events. Please refer to the attached schedule for that information. Please note that both running events and the football throw will only take place at Energy Park on the designated days on the schedule

Participants will get a chance to not only test themselves like the pros but engage in some friendly competition! Those who compete in 3 of the 8 events can earn a t-shirt and those who participate in 7 of the 8 can qualify for overall scoring. 

Individual events are scored on a 10 point system (10 points for first, 9 for second, 8 for third, etc.).

Check out the events!

Vertical Jump: 
Starting from standing, participants will jump as high as they can without a running or stepping start. A vertical jump measurer will be used for accuracy. 
Highest vertical wins! 
Broad Jump: 
Starting from standing, participants will just as far as they can without a running or stepping start. Distance is measured from the start to the heel of the participant. 
Farthest jump wins!
Shuttle Run: 
Also known as the “5-10-5” run. Participants will start in the middle of two cones that are 10 yards apart, facing the judge timing them. They will run to the first cone (5 yards) to the other cone (10 yards) then back through the middle (5 yards) touching the ground at each turn.  
Fastest time wins! 
“L” Run: 
Participants will run around 3 cones all spaced 5 yards apart, in the shape of an “L”. They will start at the first cone and run to the second and back to the first, then run around the second to the third cone (making a figure 8) and then back around the second cone to the starting point.  
Fastest time wins! 
Bench Press for Reps: 
Participants will perform the bench press for as many reps as they can. They must touch their chest and fully extend their arms at the top. Heels must keep contact with the floor and butt must keep contact with the bench.  Men: 75% of Bodyweight Ladies: 40% Bodyweight 
Most reps wins! 
500 M Row: 
Set the rower to countdown from 500 meters and let her rip! Row to 500 meters as quickly as you can! 
Fastest time wins! 
Football Throw for Accuracy: 
Aiming at a football practice net, you will attempt to make it into each hole starting at 10 yards away. Each time you make it you go back 5 yards. Once you miss you go back to the 10 yard mark and aim at the next hole.  
Farthest total distance (from all 3 holes) wins!
Med Ball Throw from Knees: 
Starting from a kneeling position, participants will throw a medicine ball as far as they can. The ball must remain centered on their chest (no using one arm more than the other or throwing from the shoulder).  Men: 25 lb ball Women: 15 lb ball 
Farthest distance wins!