Earn Wellbeing Points!
 bp Fitness Center members can earn points towards their 1000 point HealthPlus program requirement. Prevention is good for your health and wallet! 

All instructor-led virtual on-demand, live workouts and one on one training sessions can be included on the self-report tracking form, including Wellbeats and bp Fitness Center virtual group exercise classes. 

Training sessions:
Participate in 5 virtual or in person sessions with a personal trainer and earn 75 points (150 max). Complete a training self-report form by recording each personal training session you participated in and having your instructor sign the form. Follow the steps on the form to upload to the StayWell portal and earn points. You can find a copy of the personal training tracking form on the StayWell portal by clicking the Resources tab > click the bp tab.

Virtual classes:
To access the self-report tracking form, log onto your StayWell portal> click My Points > click Group Exercise Classes > download the tracking form. Complete and log 10 group exercise classes to earn 75 points, 150 max. For points awarding, upload your self-report form to the StayWell portal. 
Questions on the StayWell portal? The StayWell Help Line will be able to assist at 1-888-343-9862.

Fun Runs and Walks:
Participate in an official virtual race to earn wellbeing points. Run, walk, or jog one 5k event (3.1 miles) and earn 75 points. Complete one 10k event (6.2 miles) or longer and earn 125 points. A virtual race is a race that can be run or walked from any location you choose. You complete at your own pace, time it yourself, and report back your time to the race organizer. To earn points, upload proof of completion to the StayWell portal. Proof of completion may include: a picture of yourself at the event, your participant bib, online results with time/name/website, or an email of your race completion from the race organizer.

Donate Blood:

Donate blood to earn 75 points once this year. To redeem 75 points for donating blood, you must upload proof of completion to your StayWell portal. Examples of proof of completion include: a picture of yourself with your 'I donated' sticker, a confirmation email or a 'thank you for donating' email.

Login to StayWell, Click My Points > Social > Donate blood/platelets, scroll to the blue box at the bottom of the description to upload proof of completion, and hit send. Your 75 points will be awarded immediately; indicated by a green check.
Questions? Contact the StayWell Helpline at 1-888-343-9862