Rules for the competition

  • Ride your bike to and from work from Monday - Friday,wear a helmet!
  • Sign up on the score posters by the BTW Lockers.
  • Track your miles to and from work through an tracking device(odometer,etc) or an a​​​​​​​pp for validation Top cycling apps .
  • Eligible to create teams, 5 riders max per team.
  • If your total bike commute to and from work is less than 10 miles, you have the option to make up the deficit towards 10 miles on the weekend.
  • Daily stage winner - Rider with the most miles on a particular day.
  • Most stage wins - Rider with the most stage wins.
  • Most miles ridden for the month - Awarded yellow jersey!
  • Both facilities will compete to ride a cummulative of ​​​​​​​5000 miles.​​​​​​​The yellow jersey will be awarded to rider with most miles at the end of the race.
Leader Board
  • We will have Leader boards at both facilities by the BTW lockers as well as on this webpage.
  • Record your round trip miles/calories from the day before on the scoreboard before 10am everyday. 
  • Updates and recognitions will be made available on the website each day.