February 1 - March ​​​​​​​15

This 6-week program utilizes the Strava app to record your miles.

Cycling can be done outdoors, indoors, recumbent bike, cycle classes, etc.

Join our onsite spin classes at WL1 on Tuesdays at 5:45am and Thursdays at 11:30am

Each week we will update the leader board on our website and will post on Yammer--leader board can also be viewed in Strava app.

First 100 people that reaches 100 miles in 6-weeks will receive a t-shirt! Prizes will be available for top cyclist with the most miles

All bp fitness members (virtual and onsite) can participate in this challenge
Anyone onsite that is not wanting to use the Strava app, we will use the white board to record your miles

Download the FREE Strava app
Click on the link bp Fitness Cycle Mania
or search in clubs for bp Fitness Cycle Mania and request to join the club.
If you don't have the app then you can download the free version and create an account
The app can be synced with a smart watch or you can manually log in the miles

If you are new to the app then check out this link Strava set-up It helps with setting up the app. It also shows how to manually log activites and to connect the strava app to smart watches.
100 Miles Club
Adam Clausing
Adam Vaclavik
Alanna Peterson
Albino Castro
Aliece Brake
Andre Hall
Anna Weatherstone
Annie Rau
Arun Singhania
Ben Reeber
Ben Schupack
Bernard McAfee
Bill Thomas
Bob Fu
Brandon McNerlin
Brian Burgan
Bryan Dotson
Chad Schultz
Charles Reynolds
Charlie Krom
Chris Dykstal
Chuck Reynolds
Claudia Acosta
Clena Abuan
Cody Pedigo
Colby Rivet
Colin Meyer
Curt Gardiner
Dan Parisian
Daniel Olesak
Daniel Pinkston
Darla Kerkemeyer
Darlene Fernandez
David Lackenby
Debbie Kercho
Douglas Faron
Duayla Marsh
Elveda Kruse
Edward Fundora
Elijah Gould
Eric Cioti
Erik Suchak
Evan Odom
Farid Zaghloul
Genevieve Mathers
George Drakopoulos
Glibert Ramirez
Glenn Marks
Graham Fernandes
Jenjou Ko
Jackie Chang
Jackie Wang
James Colville
James Requenez
Jason Barrows
Jason Janda
Jay Huff
Jeff King
Jeffrey Chen
Jennie Cook
Jessie Shu
Jessye Palladino
Jim Cross
Jim Shinn
Joe Dellinger
Joel Huntsman
John Walker
Jordan Vanicek
Juan Sierra
Keith Boyle
Kelly Zachary
Kim Murphy
Kunal Ashar
Luciano Salimena
Luis Morales
Luke Francis
Maddy Hoyne
Madhav Chittoor
Maria Di Bonaventura
Marife Alvarez
Merle Shenoi
Michael Austin
Michelle Mukhtar
Mickey Sutton
Mike Pfister
Nick Braley
Nik Shenoi
Raj Goldar
Randesha Dawkins
Ray Fleming
Reyna Cabrera
Rhys Bickford
Riaz Israel
Richard Gouriet
Rochelle Chambers
Rob Satter
Robert Sigal
Ryan Besse
Ryan Cadenhead
Ryan Miller
Sabrina Moll
Sam Schultz
Sam Wieczorek
Santiago Reyes
Sharmain Williams-Barnes
Stephen Maurice
Todd Weimer
Tom Wang
Tracey Rogers
Tyler Wight
Vaibhavi Shanbhogue
Vinicius Carmo
Wanda Fontenot
Wayne Maxfield
Wendy Reyes
Wes Hines
Zachary Smeton
Most Miles for week 1
Rosie H. - 84 miles
Jessi S. - 52.4 miles
Jennie C. - 45.7 miles

Bryan D. - 158.4 miles
Cody P. - 155.6 miles
Edward F. 105.8 miles
Most Miles for Week 2
Sharmain W. - 40.0 miles
Wendy R. - 33.5 miles
Maddy H. - 31.2 miles

Cody P. - 200.4 miles
Joel H. - 172.3 miles
Todd W. - 154.3 miles

Most Miles for Week 3
Rosie H. - 127.5 miles
Ro C. - 71.2 miles
Wendy R. - 46.5 miles

Todd W. - 276.1 miles
Bill T. - 227.0 miles
Cody P. - 223.1 miles
Most Miles for Week 4
Rosie H. - 76.7 miles
Randesha D. - 54.4 miles
Sabrina M. - 53.3 miles

Cody P. - 249.3 miles
Bill T. - 237.9 miles
Todd W. - 211.7 miles
Most Miles for week 5 
Rosie H. - 70.8 miles
Randesha D. - 45.3 miles
Kelly Z. - 40.9 miles

Todd W. - 175.9 miles
David L. - 165.0 miles
Bill T. - 162.1
Most Miles for Week 6​​​​​​​
Duayla M. - 65.1 miles
Terra B. - 36.9 miles
Maria Di B. - 33.7 miles

Bill T. - 270.4 miles
Jordan V. - 190.9 miles
Todd W. - 133.7 miles
Most Miles Overall
Bill T. - 1393.9 miles
Todd W. - 1084.3 miles
Cody P. - 1014.3 miles

Jackie W. - 279.0 miles
Jennie C. - 224.8 miles
Elveda K. - 213.4 miles