Welcome to Intern Cardio Trek! 

This program will run through the Summer from June 1st - Aug 6th, 2021
Participants will be able to run, walk or cycle using the Strava app to keep track. We will have a leaderboard for cycling and another board for run/walk which will be updated weekly.
  • Leaderboard - we will be tracking top male and female performers in the categories of time, distance, frequency and longest activity. We have a leaderboard below and on Strava! 
  • Join in anytime over the Summer, but starting from the beginning of June will be the best. Download Strava, join bpfc Intern Cardio Trek and start tracking!
  • Weekly tips and articles to complement and encourage your workouts--posted on Yammer and in Strava!  

*For your walks to count on the Strava leaderboard, you will need to log any walks in Strava as "running."   

  • Strava
  •  Click on the link and rack up the miles and time with the bpfc Intern Runners club!
  •       Download the free Strava app (free version)
  •       Create an account
  •       Search bpfc Intern Runners
Check out this link to help with setting up the Strava app. It also shows how to manually log activites and to connect the strava app to smart watches.
      Strava set-up

Try these post running stretches.
Check out this stretch sequence.
Virtual 5k/10k run and 20k bike

In June we will focus each week with building up to completing a 5k which is 3.1 miles. For July we will focus each week with building up to a 10k which is 6.2 miles. If you are not a fan of running, but like to bike then you can ride your bike and use the Strava app to record your miles and time. We will have a virtual 5k and 10k run/walk at the end of June and July.  
  • Virtual 5k run/walk - Complete on your own during the week of June 28th. Run or walk your own route using the Strava app to record your time and send it in.  

  • Virtual 10k run/walk - Complete on your own during the week of July 26th. Run or walk your own route using the Strava app and send in your time. If you are not wanting to do the 10k you still have the 5k option. 

  • Collective miles - As one team let's get as many miles in together. While we are are working on our own 5k and 10k we can build up the miles we do together. Here are a few teams miles challenges let's try to meet by the end of July. 
    • NetZero 2050 - bp plans to be Netzero by 2050 so let's try to get to 2,050 miles together
    • If we reach 2050 let's keep going and reach Washington (Cherry Pointe Refinery) and back to Houston, TX for 3,776 miles
    • For the ultimate challenge let's travel to different bp locations from Houston, TX > Louisiana > New Jersey > Ohio > Indiana > Chicago, Illinois > Colorado > Washington > Houston for a grand round trip total of 7,117 miles 



Intern Cardio Trek Leader Board!
  • Weekly Mileage
    • Kajetan Leitner - 27.0 miles
    • Jackson High - 14.5 miles
    • Lyndsey York - 7.5 miles ​​​​​​​
  • Total Time Spent Exercising
    • Kajetan Leitner - 3:26:90
    • Lyndesy York - 2:07:38
    • Jackson High - 2:06:43
  • Most Sessions for the Week
    • Jackson High - 6
    • Kajetan Leitner - 5
    • Ji Hyun Yang - 4

  • Virtual 5k walk/run

  • Virtual 10k walk/run

Week of May 31st - 627 miles                                                                   Week of July 5th
Week of June 7th - 1277.56 miles                                                             Week of July 12th
Week of June 14th                                                                                     Week of July 19th
Week of June 21st                                                                                     Week of July 26th
Week of June 28th                                                                                     Week of Aug 2nd