Intern Show of Fitness

Intern Show of Fitness!

July 12th - 23rd

Welcome to the 2021 Intern Show of Fitness! Have fun testing yourself with the 4 events below! All can be performed indoors and all are safe (and challenging) for all levels of fitness! Try one or all! Check out the event schedule. 

  • If you participate in all 4 events, you will be eligible for overall scoring.
  • Fitness staff will be on hand virtually to measure and score your attempts!
  • Participate in all events and recieve a cool Intern Show of Fitness t-shirt!

Have a look at the events below!

Max Rep Push-ups

Men lower chest to floor. Women lower chest to a pad. Arms must lock out at top. Body alignment remains straight for the entire attempt. Cannot pause in top position. Highest number of push ups wins. Fitness staff have final say on attempt


Wall sit for time: Stand with back flat against the wall and your feet about 1-2 feet away from the wall. Hold your arms out straight with shoulders against the wall. Bend at the knees and lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel with the ground and you have a 90 degree angle at the knees. Hold as long as possible.

Plank for time: Lie prone on mat. Place forearms on mat, elbows under shoulders. Place legs together with forefeet on floor. Raise body upward by straightening body. Hold as long as you possibly can.

1 Mile Run: Done outside.  Member records time on Strava and forwards a snip of the route and time to the bp fitness center staff.